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Look After Yourself

To truly gain health, you need to look after your body, your mind and your diet.

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Our Approach

Our approach is to look at your body in a variety of ways – not just “structural” – but we kind of “interview” your body in how it should be functioning, and try to figure out ways to help the body improve it’s own function.

This approach is slightly different to your “average” manual therapy practitioner – in that we don’t just look at the site of your pain. Instead – we assess a number of structural and neurological things to try and figure out WHY it’s there.

Sounds super simple right? Well, mostly – it is.

If your pain or discomfort is there because of an injury – that’s pretty obvious. We’re probably going to tell you it’s from the injury!! But so so often – there’s NO injury. Then what? Why is the pain or movement change there??

  • We do a minimum of 25 and up to 150hrs of “extra training” a year!!

  • We use a combination of Osteopathic, “NKT” and “P-DTR” treatment techniques

  • We also use “dry needling” when appropriate

  • We create custom exercise programs delivered to you via an app.

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We Image Only When Needed

There are too many people getting unnecessary X-rays.

We order X-rays, Ultrasounds and MRI, but only if it’s going to change our treatment plan for you.

You can have these done at any of Geelong’s imaging locations including: BMI, GMI, Lake Imaging & Radius Imaging.

The reason we do this is because 95% of images show nothing that’s actually “useful” in helping you move towards a better outcome.

In fact, there’s evidence to support the opposite… i.e. if you get an MRI of your lumbar spine, your outcomes are worse if you know that there’s a disc prolapse – than if you didn’t know there was a disc prolapse!!

Of course there are times when we say you NEED imaging – and that may actually help the diagnosis when we’re unsure.



Your body is nothing short of extraordinary. And it’s ALL controlled by your BRAIN. Your BRAIN is the thing that tells you something is sore, and it’s a GENIUS at “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” – in the best attempt to keep you going.

We Look At How You Perform

If you’re an athlete or doing exercise that somehow causes you pain – we look at you different.

We work closely with trainers, coaches (and even a friend or partner of yours!!) to video you doing the activity that is causing you pain or reduced performance.

Based on what we see – often we can clearly see the things that you need to work on, whether it be mobility, or strength (or both).

What this does is takes the “guesswork” out of what you tell us – just saying “my knee hurts when I run” gives us a clue, but sometimes – it’s just a whole lot easier to actually have a look!

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Our Health Values

It may seem like common sense – but just saying “healthy mind body spirit” is not accurate enough.

Your diet. What you eat is perhaps the underlying foundation of all things to do with health maintenance. If your diet is poor, there’s almost no chance your health will be in balance. In many ways – we could change our logo tagline to “Eat Well – Stay Well”!!
95% of people we see have self-proclaimed “bad posture”, but then proceed to SIT DOWN all day and think that it’s going to change. Well, it isn’t. Good posture requires input from your emotions, your diet, AND your structure!!
This is so vital, yet so often overlooked. If your sleep is poor from nutritional or environmental factors such as stress and (increasingly) things like blue light from excess screen time, your body WILL have issues.
Exercise should be part of your day. Just something is better than nothing… You don’t “need” to be doing an Ironman triathlon to be “fit” – in fact – sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the best.
All people who live a long and healthy life have only ONE thing in common. It’s not that they don’t smoke. It’s not that they eat well. It’s actually the fact that they have a “sense of belonging” to family and community.

All of these help you look after your MIND. When your mind is well, everything is well.


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