Structure Versus Function

There’s a saying: “Structure Governs Function”

What this means is that your structure (i.e. Bone/muscle etc) “governs” or “rules” how your body moves or works.

While there is an element of truth in this statement, all too often I see people that hold onto the belief that the issues they’ve got right now are because of e.g. A “scoliosis” (curvature of the spine).

Can a scoliosis be bad?

Yes it can, and needs to be checked in (especially) younger adolescent girls.

Does a scoliosis cause a REDUCTION in function? Possibly. If you count “function” as being something like the ability to rotate your chest left more then right. But is that a big deal?

Not really.

To me, “function” is more things like – being able to squat. Being able to jump. Being able to run.

Not just being able to rotate, or touch your toes.

Did You Know… Usain Bolt (Apparently) Has a Scoliosis?

Do you think he uses that as an excuse to slow him down?

He, like most people who manage potentially bigger problems – do this with exercise and diet. It’s not rocket science.

Here’s what causes most peoples pain:

It’s a breakdown in how you move.

Or, in many cases how you DON’T move (those of you SITTING while reading this!!)

For example, if you injure your right big toe somehow – what happens to you? You load your LEFT leg – to take weight off the sore side. But then – sometimes, your body can’t handle that, and gives you a sore back because your spine has degenerative change in it.

But then, it’s got degenerative changes because your posture over years has allowed this.

Nearly ALL pain we see is as a direct result of people just not “moving” well – and the good news is – for the most part it can be helped or corrected significantly.

Does this involve you relying 100% on a practitioner to do this for you?


Do you need a practitioner?

Mostly yes, but not always.

Your practitioner should always assess your movement. Your function. Discuss your goals.

A skilled practitioner doesn’t chase pain.

This is a difficult thing for most clinicians, because it’s the OPPOSITE to what they’re taught.

They’re taught techniques on how to move things for you. When in actual fact, you can correct a lot of things yourself. You just have to know what to do!!

So please, when you visit your healthcare practitioner, discuss with them what you want to be able to do from a functional point of view. Don’t accept that your pain is there because of (for example) a scoliosis. Don’t accept your pain is there because there is a slightly bent vertebrae on an Xray with lines drawn all over it.

Empower yourself with information on how you can fix yourself.

Maybe I’ve just help you start that journey.